17 dic. 2012

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  1. ¡Viva la coherenciaaa! jajaja Si es que hay cosas que no se pueden cambiar :P Suerte que todavía no me he encontrado ninguno así, ¡menuda situación!

  2. Suggestions:

    Panel 1, Blond: "I'm so glad you were up for coffee."

    Panel 2, Blond: "I guess I'm fed up with all those guys looking for a hook-up … for once I'd like to really get to know someone — to connect. Am I crazy? Dunno. But when I saw your pic I thought … Hey, I want to get to get to know that guy!"

    Panel 3, Jaime: "Well … I'm flattered! So you wanna know more about me? What can I say? Hm … My name is Jaime, I'm 23, and I'm studying journalism. I still live with my parents, but I'm looking for a flat Downtown … I love swimming and comic books."

    Panel 4, Blond: "Wow. It's like I really know you! So … how big's your cock?"

  3. Instead of "accepted" it should be "agreed."
    I also like Anonimo's suggestion for Panel 4.

  4. me ha pasado demasiado

  5. Esta viñeta está colgada en mi despacho de la universidad. Francamente genial! me he visto muy reflejado en la situación. Sigue así!


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